Mobile Dragon Tiger
Mobile Dragon Tiger
Mobile Dragon Tiger
Mobile Dragon Tiger


In Dragon and Tiger two cards are drawn, one for “Dragon” and one for “Tiger”.
The player bets on which one will win with higher card value.
Dragon and Tiger is played with 8 decks of cards, which the supervisor shuffles at regular
intervals. Each card deck has 52 cards without jokers. The shuffle card cuts the deck
approximately in half. After reaching the shuffle card, the dealer switches to a new shoe.
The player can place a bet on: “Dragon”, “Tiger” or “Tie”.

Cards’ point values:
A = 1
2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 = face value
J = 11
Q = 12
K = 13

Burn After a new shoe the dealer draws 1 card. Based on the card value, a number of
cards is burnt.
J,Q,K cards have a value of 10 and A = 1
Dealer Mistake The dealer burns two cards.


Bets Description Payout
Dragon or Tiger Player bets if Dragon or Tiger has bigger card value 1 to 1
Tie Player bets if the Dragon and Tiger cards are equal in rank.1 8 to 1

1 If the hand ends in a Tie, the placed bet amounts on Dragon or Tiger will be deducted by 50% as a commission charge.
The remaining balance will be returned to a player.

Game layout

Repeat Button

Repeat all bets
from the previous


Undo Button

Removes the last
bet placed.


Confirm Button

Confirms placed


Cancel Button

Cancels all bets.