Blackjack is a multiplayer game that is played with six decks of cards, which the supervisor
shuffles at regular intervals. Each card deck has 52 cards without jokers. The shuffle card
cuts the deck approximately in half. After reaching the shuffle card, the dealer switches to
a new shoe.

The aim of the game is to beat the dealer by having a higher hand value compared to the
dealer’s hand without reaching a total cards value of more than 21 (Bust).

If the player’s hand goes over 21, the player will lose.

The player is able to take any number of available seats.

If the player’s and dealer’s hands are equal, they end in a tie and the players receive their
wager back (Push).

The value of the player’s hand is calculated from the cards they were given.

Cards 2 - 10 = face value
Cards K Q J = 10
Ace Card = 1 or 11 (depending on the effect it will have on player’s hand)

The player can also receive a “Blackjack” if the sum of the first two cards dealt to the player
is 21 (i.e. Cards Ace and 10).

When “Blackjack” is dealt to a player, there is no option to draw more cards. “Blackjack”
cannot be obtained after splitting cards.

Game Flow

Select a chip from the chips panel and click directly on the betting place to bet.

After the cards are dealt, the player can use the hit, double down or stand buttons.

You can use the repeat button to place the same bet or the leave button to leave the betting seat.


If the Dealer’s first card is an Ace, the players can choose to take Insurance in case the
Dealer gets a “Blackjack” by clicking on the Insurance button.

The Insurance bet is equal to 50% of the player’s initial bet.

If the game ends with Dealer’s “Blackjack” the Player receives a payout of 2:1

If the Dealer does not have a blackjack, the Insurance bet is lost and the hands play as

Even Money

If the dealer’s first card is an Ace, and the player has a Blackjack, the Even Money
button appears next to the player’s seat.

When the player takes this option his payout will change from standard 3:2 to 1:1 even if
the dealer’s hand is not BlackJack.

Even Money = the payout is 1:1 whether the dealer does or doesn’t have Blackjack

Bet Behind

The player can place a bet on an already occupied seat by clicking on the Bet Behind button
under a seat.

Any actions taken by the seated player will also automatically affect the “Bet Behind player”
on the particular seat, if the player’s balance allows it
[actions: double down, split, stand, hit].


If the player draws a pair combination they only get the option to Hit, Split or Stand.

Split = your bet doubles, you get another card for both of the opened positions along
with the option to Hit, Stand or Double Down for each of the pair cards.

Splitting two Aces restricts you to only one additional card for each Ace. You can split
Aces only once, in all other cases you can split up to three times.

If you receive an Ace and a ten-value card in a split hand, it is considered 21 and not
Blackjack. In this case the payout is 1:1, not 3:2.

Game layout

Double Down Button

Doubles a bet at any card value [2 or 20] but you
get only one more card. Double Down does not
depend on the maximum limit of the table.

Hit Button

Repeat all bets from the previous round.

Stand Button

Give up on any additional cards.

Split Button

Splits a hand into two hands.


A betting place that a player can occupy for one
or more rounds.